Adidas Hacked, Internet Down, & More

The week that was and how it affects you.

Another Day, Another Breach
Adidas, one of the most popular sportswear manufacturers, experienced a security breach June 26th. Adidas released a statement stating that “a few million” customers’ usernames, contact information, and passwords. Affected customers have been notified, but this is a great reminder to use different passwords for different accounts.

Did the Internet Go Down?
If your Internet wasn’t working around lunchtime Friday, June 29th, it wasn’t just you. Comcast announced they found two fiber cuts from their backbone providers, so many Comcast subscribers did not have access to the Internet. This impacted both residential and business customers.

Lyft Does Bikes
Bikeshare company, Motivate, was acquired by Lyft July 2nd. In an effort to keep expanding and promote sustainability, Lyft decided to take over Motivate. Motivate operates over 30,000 bikes around the United States, and over 80% of bikeshare trips last year were through Motivate. They’ll keep the same name, but Lyft will take over their corporate and technology functions. Look out for integration with the Lyft app.

California vs. Tech
California signed a new bill into law that many tech companies aren’t too happy about. June 29th, the California Consumer Privacy Act was passed, allowing Internet users to ask what data companies have collected about them and who the data was sold to. With this law, users can also ask the companies to delete their information and prevent companies from selling it. Tech companies, like Google and Facebook, have discussed their concerns about the bill and its flaws. If it’s passed in November, many people will be surprised (and terrified) to see just how much personal information companies have on us. We’ll see how this goes.

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