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Speaker Bio

Michelle Aninye (she/her) is a Privacy Engineer at Robinhood, where she analyzes, designs, and builds systems and products to improve data privacy for millions of users. Her work focuses on usable security and privacy, privacy education, and fairness in technology. Before Robinhood, she was a privacy engineer at Google where she worked on privacy for Google Assistant and specialized in machine learning privacy, anonymization, and product inclusion privacy.

Michelle’s career in privacy started at Cisco where she developed frameworks for incoming GDPR privacy regulations. She continued this work at the University of Chicago through her research on usable security and privacy for marginalized communities. Before this, Michelle worked on cybersecurity teams in various industries at Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and CNN. In addition to her industry work, Michelle develops privacy tools and offers individual security and privacy consultations. Michelle received a B.S. in Cybersecurity from Kennesaw State University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Cybersecurity Law at the University of Maryland. When she’s not at the computer, Michelle can be found coaching lacrosse and exploring new cities.